Bothering Seventeen Mingyu, a beautiful female idol was bashed by his fans

Jung Chaeyeon (DIA) received heavy criticism from Mingyu’s fans for joking with him.

Recently, controversy over the attitude of Jung Chayeon (DIA) with Mingyu (Seventeen) became a hot topic on the Pann forum.

A 1 minute video showing Jung Chayeon was fun to meet with Mingyu on the exit of cars at Inkigayo. She greeted the staff deliberately standing in the middle of the road, blocking Mingyu‘s car as the guy had to put his head out the door waving at her and asked her to hurry. At the end of the clip, Jung Chaeyeon got into the company car.

The clip showing Chayeon blocking Mingyu’s car

Many fans left comments admiring the close friendship behind the camera. It is known that Jung Chayeon and Mingyu are two of Inkigayo’s favorite MCs. The difference in height and body proportions of the two are often discussed by the netizens.

However, some of Mingyu’s fans seem to be annoyed by this action. They said that Jung Chaeyeon is trying to annoy Mingyu and blocking the way out of the parking lot. There has been heavy criticism towards Chaeyeon for this joke. Fans even question the relationship between Mingyu and Chaeyeon because they seem to be quite comfortable with each other.
In opposed to negative reacts from Mingyu’s fans, netizens are on Chaeyeon’s side:

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