Bored with cute concepts, TWICE promises to make a breakthrough with chic styles in their Japanese album

ONCE seems to regret that the girl crush concep of TWICE is not for Korean market but for their Japanese album.

It is also previously reported that TWICE ‘s 1st Japanese album will be called ‘BDZ‘, The fact that TWICE will release a full Japanese album is also predicted by netizens due to the great popularity of TWICE in Japan. However, the most unexpected is that this time TWICE has chosen a girl crush concept which is not their strong point. This is considered as a risk to JYP, especially when the Japanese market tends to adore the concept of “kawaii” (cute).

Once again, TWICE has just dropped a teaser for the full Japanese album, proving their great working ability. JYP’s girls have just wrapped up their promotions for “Dance The Night Away” in Korea not long ago. It is anticipated that TWICE will have a busy schedule running back and forth between Korea and Japan.

TWICE releases a teaser for their  Japanese album
TWICE releases a teaser for their  Japanese album

The individual teaser image of Nayeon, Jungyeon, and Momo is quite impressive with mysterious and sexy black outfits. Fans regret that TWICE did not have this concept for the previous comeback . The 9 members of TWICE are reported to have a great number of fangirls. If this concept is successful, they will gain more and more popularity.

Hope that TWICE will have a successful comeback in Japan.

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