Bolbbalgan4 is now the trend so they will have “star-sickness”?

Recently, there’s one group whose albums always got attention when released. They are called as “big-album-producing” group.
That’s Bolbbalgan4, a 2-member group who is getting a lot of attention from the audience.

However, the audience are talking about their personalities, what is going on?


Firstly, there will be some audience who don’t know who Bolbbalgan4 is. Let me have a quick explanation about them.
Bolbbalgan4 came from Super Star K TV Show. At that time, the group had 4 members, not 2. They attracted the press and had a lot of fans since then but they only reached TOP 10. There was a boy who was not originally a member of Bolbbalgan4. However, he was added to the group then because he performed for Super Star K. The other one left the group to focus on his study.

Bolbbalgan4,anti fan, album, super star K, 2017

Finally, the group only has 2 members who are An Ji Young and Woo Ji Yoon as current.

Discussion about personalities.

Let’s find out more about the controversial topic related to their personalities.
Bolbbalgan4 recently sat down for an interview that aired on the October 3 broadcast of SBS’s “Night of Real Entertainment,” and discussed the effects of their popularity.
The duo recently released their newest mini album “Red Diary Page.1” on September 28, and has since been sweeping all the major charts. In the first half of this year alone, their songs have been streamed approximately 200 million times.

Bolbbalgan4,anti fan, album, Night of Real Entertainment, 2017
In an interview, they also made the audience curious when sharing that their account increased day by day and much more than people imagined.
There was a comment raking up their personalities.
“Their personalities are cheap…
Their expressions are inconsistent. Sometimes, they frown to show that they feel annoyed. Especially, the attitude when they call their manager will make people think they are big stars. In short, they have “star-sickness”.”

Bolbbalgan4,anti fan, 2017

The above comment which was posted on a public forum made many people excited.

In summary, Bolbbalgan4 is now the trend so they will have “star-sickness”.

Is it true?

We couldn’t know whether what netizens say is true or not. If you are a fan of Bolbbalgan4, you shouldn’t be worried.

Bolbbalgan4,anti fan, album, 2017
First of all, celebrities’ personalities are always hot topics for discussion. In fact, the more being criticized, the more they are proved to be the “current music trend”. It also means that they who are new groups get the attention from the audience.

Bolbbalgan4,anti fan, album, 2017
Moreover, there are still many good comments about them on such forums.

“They came to my school, had a very enthusiastic performance and they are were friendly hhh
“They came to my school. They looked so cute and pure. I am their fan now.”
“They were extremely nice”

In fact, that their frown caused the above discussion could be a common misunderstanding. Because celebrities are just like us, they are not in a good mood sometimes due to tiredness, for example. Fans who want to see them always smiling should love a robot instead.

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