BoA was arrested on suspicion of smuggling psychotropic drugs into Korea, is SM’s explanation reliable?

News of BoA becoming suspect smuggling of psychotropic drugs is becoming a hot topic in Korea

On the evening of December 17, SBS 8 News reported that Hallyu star “A” was questioned by prosecutors on December 16 for secretly smuggling psychotropic drugs from abroad into Korea.  Accordingly, “A” was summoned as a suspect, accused of secretly smuggling various psychotropic drugs, including Zolpidem, into Korea.

Specifically, according to the investigation, this star was caught trying to bring psychotropic drugs into Korea. This female star had multiple psychotropic drugs prescribed under an employee at her agency’s Japan office and attempted to bring it into Korea under the name of an employee at her agency’s Korea office.   Immediately after the information was posted, a series of rumors appeared and netizens quickly thought the Hallyu star was BoA.


Immediately, SM Entertainment confirmed the information that BoA was arrested and quickly released the official announcement: “This is a mistake due to lack of understanding. BoA is not intentionally smuggling psychotropic drugs.” According to SM Entertainment, BoA tried to take the pills she previously used in Japan after experiencing side effects from the sleeping pills she recently received on a doctor’s advice.

The management company frankly admitted that employees at the Japanese branch thought it was possible to send drugs to Korea by mail, as long as the ingredients sheet was attached.  However, according to Korean law, drugs can not be sent via mail.


Both SM and BoA are actively working with the investigative agency.  SM Entertainment promised to increase staff training to prevent this from happening again.  However, according to an initial investigation, there are many drugs in this package that are considered overdose by law, more likely to be used for the wrong purpose than Zolpidem.

Currently, the case is still being investigated. The Prosecutor’s Office will decide whether or not prosecute BoA and SM Entertainment staff is based on the final investigation.  The police investigated whether the singer and staff were attempting to smuggle drugs, or just accidentally committed the crime as the management company claimed.

Source: kenh14

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