“Bo-ra! Deborah” apologized for controversial line regarding Auschwitz concentration camp

“Bo-ra! Deborah” apologized for comparing the importance of appearance management to the survival in the Auschwitz concentration camp.

On May 17th, ENA’s Wednesday-Thursday drama “Bo-ra! Deborah” (written by Ah Kyung, directed by Lee Tae Gon and Seo Min Jeong) apologized, “We apologize for any inconvenience caused by a specific line mentioned in episode 9 of ‘Bo-ra! Deborah’. It should have been mentioned with an accurate view of historical facts, but we failed to consider it carefully and meticulously.


In episode 9 of “Bo-ra! Deborah”, which aired on May 10th, Deborah (Yoo In Na) mentioned the Auschwitz concentration camp while emphasizing the importance of appearance management.

The controversial line was “In the Auschwitz concentration camp, where people were dying on their excrement, some of them, with a cup of water, drank half of it and washed their face with the rest. They even shaved with a piece of glass using the back of a tray as a mirror. And they survived. Taking care of your appearance and dressing up is a matter of survival“.


After the broadcast, viewers criticized, “Isn’t it like comparing women’s appearance management to the survival in the Auschwitz concentration camp? It was inappropriate to use it in such a situation.” The effort to preserve last dignity as a human being cannot be viewed in the same way as appearance management.

The production team said, “We never intended to consume historical tragedies lightly. We sincerely apologize once again. We will be more careful in production in the future.”

Source: Daum

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