BLACKPINK’s Youtube channel after 4 years: 10 billion views, twice the growth of Taylor Swift, second-most subscribers in the world!

As expected of the “Youtube queens”, BLACKPINK is seeing impressive growth in the international market!

 After more than 1 year of absence in the music market, BLACKPINK officially made a comeback with the hit “How You Like That” on June 26.  After more than a week of comeback, the YG girl group has set a lot of extremely terrific records, making not only Kpop artists but also global stars have to be wary of the popularity of 4 girls.

 Besides a series of records, there is an index showing BLACKPINK’s rapid growth after only 4 years of debut – it’s their YouTube channel – where all the products of the group are posted.  After only 4 years, the achievements of BLACKPINK’s YouTube channel are the dream of many artists.

 One of BLACKPINK’s most impressive digital achievements is that their YouTube channel has crossed 10 billion views and 40.4 million subscribers.  .  This outstanding number already sounds amazing, but if you look back at the whole process of BLACKPINK and their MVs since the start, this achievement is much more impressive!

 First of all, BLACKPINK have only created this Youtube channel since June 28, 2016. So far, the Youtube channel “BLACKPINK” has only existed for more than 4 years.  Compared to many Western stars who are strong when it comes to Youtube like Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande or Rihanna, what BLACKPINK achieved so far are showing growth with a tremendous speed. 

 Looking at Taylor Swift, her YouTube channel was created on September 20, 2006. After nearly 14 years, the total number of views that the female singer got was 19.5 billion. Meanwhile, BLACKPINK has just had a channel for 4 years and has already collected more than 10 billion views, showing a miraculous growth in views over the years. Even number of BLACKPINK subscribers is 40.4 million, far exceeding 38.4 million subscribers of Taylor Swift.  Despite being a young Korean act, BLACKPINK has surpassed Taylor Swift who is the most powerful star in the world.

Ariana Grande has to “watch out” for her close sisters BLACKPINK as well!  Although the Youtube channel of the “little diva” surpassed BLACKPINK in the number of subscribers, the number of views see a slower growth. Ariana Grande has had a Youtube channel since January 21, 2007, so far after more than 13 years she only got 15.7 billion views. 

The number of videos that BLACKPINK has uploaded is 272, Taylor Swift is 179 and Ariana is 171. BLACKPINK’s achievement may be partly explained by the fact that the group’s performance videos, reality shows like “BLACKPINK’s House” or recently “24/365 with BLACKPINK” are all posted on the same channel.  These videos also brought in a large number of views, helping the group maintain the growth rate with just… 8 MVs.

 Looking at the time the channel was created, the total views and the number of videos of the mentioned female artists, it is not difficult to see that BLACKPINK has the most terrific view growth rate. Each year, the YG group got over 2.5 billion views, Taylor Swift got an average of 1.4 billion views and Ariana Grande got 1.1 billion views. This number makes everyone overwhelmed because the growth of the Kpop representative is twice as fast as the world top stars. In particular, BLACKPINK has only been active for 4 years, the future of the group is still wide open, fans can completely help the group to lead and set more records in the future with this momentum.

 “How You Like That” currently holds the record for the fastest MV to reach 200 million views, when it took just over a week to get this achievement. Previously, “Kill This Love” was the group’s video with the views rising the quickest, this MV has nearly reached the milestone of 900 million views after more than 1 year of release, along with “BOOMBAYAH” these will be the next 2 MVs of BLACKPINK to cross 1 billion views.

 Perhaps at the current rate, in less than 2 months, global netizens will be surprised when these 2 MVs in turn hit this huge milestone, making BLACKPINK continue to own the title of “YouTube queen” in Kpop and make many artists become more wary of them on a global scale.

In general, BLACKPINK’s YouTube channel still firmly stays in the top in terms of subscribers and total views compared to the whole Kpop, despite only uploading videos related to the group alone. SM Entertainment’s YouTube channel, JYP Entertainment’s, or even Big Hit Labels’, which uploads mostly BTS’s videos, cannot match BLACKPINK. Big Hit Labels channel with mostly videos of BTS and BLACKPINK channel are probably the two strongest opponents that always fiercely compete for the top. But with the successful comeback with “How You Like That”, BLACKPINK has taken the lead with a series of impressive achievements!

 Globally, BLACKPINK’s number of subscribers is currently 2nd place among female artists and 6th place among all artists.This achievement has proved the position of the “digital queen” in the current streaming era.

 Kpop has 2 representatives in the rankings of  YouTube channels with the highest number of subscribers. BANGTANTV, even though not an official Youtube channel, not uploading any music product of BTS, still excellently ranked 11th place for the most subscribers. Congratulations to BLACKPINK and BTS on this remarkable achievement!

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