BLACKPINK’s unreleased photos: Jisoo transforms into a bad girl “competing” with Lisa, Jennie’s mesmerizing look

BLACKPINK fans’ welfare has arrived after the group made a comeback in the Japanese market.

Although BLACKPINK still remains quiet in Kpop, the girls had a comeback in the Japanese market on August 3 with their full album ‘The Album’. Despite still keeping the same concept from previous comebacks in 2020, the revealed images are completely new. BLACKPINK fans are sharing photos from ‘The Album’ that were used to promote the ‘Lovesick Girls‘ MV.

In this set of photos, the two shades BLACK and PINK in BLACKPINK can be seen very clearly. While Jisoo transforms into a bad girl, “competing” with her younger sister Lisa, Rosé and Jennie give soft but equally attractive looks.

Lovesick Girls hidden photos
Jisoo changes impression with a strong personality style
Lovesick Girls hidden photos
Lovesick Girls hidden photos
Lisa is so cool!
Lovesick Girls hidden photos
Lovesick Girls hidden photos
Jennie is so cute with the doll from the MV…
Lovesick Girls hidden photos
A second later, she turned into a very cool leopard-skinned lady
Lovesick Girls hidden photos
Rosé shows her lovely look in pink…
Lovesick Girls hidden photos
… but still breathtakingly charming and attractive

Of course, netizens can’t stay calm after seeing these pictures:

 – Real visual bomb.

 -They gave us these many high-quality photos with just one concept.

 – If there were an award for the king of keeping idols’ pretty pictures, I think YG would be the winner.

 – They’re breathtakingly beautiful.

 – Rosé stops being so pretty or I would have to get a heart checkup!

 – My bad girl Jisoo.

 – Lisa really slays.

 -I really like the pictures of Jennie with the yellow bear.

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