BLACKPINK’s Lisa Draws Attention with New Matching Tattoo

It is recently suspected that BLACKPINK’s Lisa has gotten a new tattoo that matched with the style of her previous ones.

Recently, the TikTok account of tattoo studio 8PTattoo published a video showing the owner Park Gun-hye’s latest tattoo design, which is the word “Rockstar” on the forearm of a woman. 

As Park Gun-hye previously published photos with BLACKPINK’s Lisa in December 2023 and March 2024 and Lisa recently dropped her solo single “Rockstar”, fans suspected the woman in the video to be none other than Lisa herself. 

lisa blackpink

If this is truly Lisa’s new tattoo, then it’s a perfect match with her old ones. In particular, Lisa previously got tattoos of  a fairy, edelweiss flower, and half butterfly, along with a tattoo of her self-established label, LLOUD.

All of the tattoos, including the new “Rockstar” one, boast handwritten style with light strokes as if written with an extremely soft brush. 

So far, fans have made various compilations of Lisa’s tattoos and praised the female idol’s minimalist style for tattoos which look harmonious when put together. 

Source: Krb, X, TikTok

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