BLACKPINK’s latest “bad girl” concept photoshoot leaves fans breathless

BLACKPINK recently did a magazine photoshoot with a strong concept which is said to be a very YG-ish vibe.

Jalouse China Magazine has just revealed BLACKPINK’s photoshoot which will be featured on their upcoming issue. This would be the first time for the girls to do such a hardcore and fierce concept ever since their debut. The photos immediately went viral on Twitter and gained many compliments from fans.

BLACKPINK are the cover girls of Jalouse China Magazine’s latest issue.

Chic hairstyles along with unique makeup have erased BLACKPINK’s usual feminine and lovely daily vibe. Jennie, Lisa, Rosé and Jisoo turned into 4 fierce bad girls. With their natural and professional posing as well as facial expression, the YG girls proved themselves to be a worthy rival of any professional model.

Jisoo’s “makeover” is the most impressive. Her hair was styled up in twin ponytails which added up to her cold expression.
Jennie’s aura still shined even though she was sitting still.
Rosé’s beauty is compared to that of a Westerner professional model.
Lisa proudly showed her fierce black lipstick with a chic pose.

This photoshoot has brought BLACKPINK’s names into many countries’ top trending issues. Many fans are hoping that they will pursue this concept for their new album. BLACKPINK has reached the 4th year of their career, which means they need a new breakthrough in terms of images. The girls are well-known for their girl crush vibe which is a balance between girly and chic. Fans agree that if BLACKPINK pursues a strong and fierce “bad girl” concept, they will gain even more international fans.

Some comments under the photos: “These photos left me breathless, it would be awesome if these were their new album teaser”; “BLACKPINK need to be 100% black like this to prove their YG status”; “Lisa’s talent would be such a waste if she didn’t do any modeling activity. She can digest even the hardest concept”; “This is the concept that I’ve been waiting for forever”…

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