BLACKPINK’s Jennie knew all the dance to other artists’ songs but forgot BLACKPINK’s choreography 

Jennie got jokingly hit by WINNER’s Mino for forgetting the dance of her own group’s song. 

Recently, Jennie made a guest appearance on tvN’s show “The Game Caterers Season 2”, drawing much attention from fans. In the latest episode broadcast on March 4th, Jennie showed a bunch of dance covers to famous Kpop songs alongside members of YG boy groups. 

Jennie had fun doing dance covers on “The Game Caterers”

Kpop smash hits like BLACKPINK’s DDU DU DDU DU, TWICE’s Cheer Up, Red Velvet’s Red Flavor, WINNER’s Really Really, BIGBANG’s BANG BANG BANG, Wonder Girls’ Tell Me were played, creating a fun atmosphere as YG‘s idols were enthusiastically dancing along to every song. 

As the only girl group member appearing on the show, Jennie took the most spotlight. Jennie could not get any cuter and more excited when she ran to the front and danced to other groups’ songs like Red Flavor or Cheer Up, but when BLACKPINK’s Playing With Fire was played, she forgot her own choreography. Seeing this, WINNER’s Mino could not help but laugh and even jokingly tapped Jennie in the back. 

Jennie also melts fans’ hearts with her adorable cover of Sunmi’s Gashina. While Sunmi‘s original version is sexy and fierce, Jennie’s version is the complete opposite. From her cute dance, shy expression to dumpling cheeks, Jennie is just way too lovely. 

As expected of Jennie, she lights up the atmosphere everywhere she goes. Since BLACKPINK has gone over a year without a comeback, seeing Jennie dancing happily like this even when it’s only on a TV show, still makes fans overjoyed:

  • BLACKPINK has not gone on a tour for a long time, maybe that’s why she forgot the choreography, but she’s still so cute
  • Mino and Jinwoo adore Jennie so much. They keep hyping her up. 
  • Jennie dancing to Red Flavor is the cutest thing ever
  • I’m gonna need Jennie’s full cover to Gashina
  • Jennie is so cute when she’s shy 
  • I love seeing Mino and Jennie’s moments 
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