BLACKPINK’s Jennie and the times she give fans “visual shock” with her wavy hair

Not only known for her trendy fashion style, BLACKPINK’s Jennie also captures the hearts of many fans thanks to her wavy hair. 

BLACKPINK’s Jennie is one of the Kpop idols famous for her outstanding fashion sense. Not only what she wears, but her hairstyles and makeup looks also often become a trend among young people. One of Jennie’s most iconic hairdos is wavy/curly hair. Every time she shows up with this hairstyle, the female idol looks so pretty that she gives fans “visual shock”.

Wavy hair is considered one of the most difficult hairstyles to pull off. Because it can easily make you look older and more mature, but it can also help you look mischievous and more exciting. As for Jennie, she has proved that she looks absolutely stunning with wavy hair. 

Recently on her Instagram, the female idol posted a series of photos of her Halloween look. She dressed up as Medusa with beautiful wavy hair. Many fans left comments that the way Jennie curled her hair made her look more attractive and suit the character she was going for.

The combination of wavy hair, blazer and mini skirt makes Jennie look more chic 

Since her debut, Jennie has had this pretty hairstyle many times. The female idol once dyed her wavy hair light brown. This made her look even more chic and stylish. When Jennie had dark wavy hair during “Kill This Love”,  she looked absolutely alluring and gave off mystical vibes. 

Dark hair color helps her exude a powerful aura 

Many times, the aforementioned hairdo aids Jennie in having a really attractive look. She has the appearance of a naughty schoolgirl. Her new image with curly hair makes fans extremely excited.

In addition to curly hair, BLACKPINK’s main rapper has promoted a variety of hair models. One of them is double-horned hair. The female idol is turned into a cute yet cool girl with this hairdo. Jennie likes this hairstyle so much that she wears it both on stages and in her daily life.

Jennie’s memorable hair model some time ago.

Furthermore, the female idol is flexible when changing her hairdo. Simultaneously, stylists will carefully evaluate the concept and outfits to choose the perfect hairdo for Jennie. There are a few hairstyles that female idols are famous for, such as layered hair, bun hair, and wavy curly hair.

Jennie often changes her hairstyle.

Many fans have also claimed that Jennie is perfect for all hair types. And, regardless of hairstyle, the female idol exudes a distinct charm. Netizen appreciates her aesthetic perception as she always knows how to mix and match outfits, accessories, and hairstyles to make herself stand out.

As a result, Jennie’s fashion style consistently creates trends that many young people love. She is also recognized as Kbiz top “It girl”.

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