BLACKPINK’s fans show their anger towards YG with a top trending hashtag, demanding more for their girls

BLACKPINK’s fans have put the hashtag #BlinksCallOutYG onto the top trending chart to show their disappointment and anger towards YG.

Lately, BLINKs’ fury for YG Entertainment has gotten even more serious as this agency had decided to let SECHSKIES has a comeback while BLACKPINK’s new album might be facing a delay.

After the hashtag asking BLACKPINK to leave YG, BLINKs are taking Twitter by storm again with the hashtag #BlinksCallOutYG which has reached the #1 trending worldwide. Fans are using this hashtag to show their disappointment in YG’s promotion plan for BLACKPINK in the past 3 years, among which the most upsetting thing is the lack of a full album, Rosé, Lisa, Jisoo’s solo debut and the empty promise of 2 regular comeback/year.

The hashtag #BlinksCallOutYG top the worldwide trending chart

By showing their fury, BLINKs are pushing YG to accept 16 demands as soon as possible in order to protect BLACKPINK.

15 demands from BLACKPINK fans to YG

In 2019, YG has promised to let BLACKPINK has 2 comebacks and Rosé’s solo debut. However, the end of the year is reaching, but the words still remain as empty promises. Also, as a 3-year-old group, BLACKPINK still hasn’t had any full album. The members have even shown their helplessness due to their little discography.

BLINKs have shown their strong intention on SNS many times before this in order to gain back the well-deserved justice for BLACKPINK. In early 2019, too disappointed in YG’s empty promises and unclear comeback plans for BLACKPINK, a fan has hacked the Instagram account which was used to promote BLACKPINK’s reality show.

15 demands from BLACKPINK fans to YG

It is still unclear whether BLINK’s demands have reached YG or not, but the fans’ intention is worth noticing. With the talent and current fame as well as their influence, BLACKPINK deserves more. It’s high time YG listens to what the fans have to say.

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