BLACKPINK’s beauty is still guaranteed even when without makeup

It can be said that BLACKPINK is one of the groups that have perfect bare faces in the K-pop industry. Rarely are there any idol groups that still own outstanding beauty even when they remove their makeup.


There are some people who try the whole life to prove themselves, but there are also some people who are outstanding from birth. It is clear that BLACKPINK’s Jennie belongs to the second group. Consequently, it is easy to understand why she is the most favored one in the group and is looked after carefully by YG in all circumstances. Jennie’s beauty is still guaranteed even when she appears with a bare face.

Jennie at this time is so natural, adorable and attractive in her own way. Everyone’s heart can be melted whenever they see this picture.


Acting as the one that has a strong character in the group, Lisa often has to wear thick makeup. It may be the reason why many people think that her bare face will less beautiful. However, the fact is that Lisa with a bare face looks much more adorable than whenever she wears makeup.

When deciding to participate in the show “Real Men” season 3, she was forced to gather her hair into a bun and showed up with a bare face as much as possible. Thanks to that, people can see how beautiful Lisa is without makeup. Her skin is extremely dewy without any dark pigmentation.

BLACKPINK’s beauty is still guaranteed even when without makeup


Rosé was once praised by other members for having the most beautiful bare face in the group. Only by looking at some pictures before her debut can people understand why she was praised like that. If on stage, Rosé tends to wear thick makeup that focuses on the eyes to help become more attractive then Rosé looks younger when taking off her makeup.

It can be said that an oval face, a high nose, heart-shaped lips and dewy skin are what makes up Rosé’s beauty.


The last one to be mentioned is Jisoo, Black Pink’s visual and also one of the most popular visual of the third generation girl group in the entertainment industry. Although Jisoo is the oldest member in the group, she still has perfect skin like other younger members. Without makeup, her skin is still glowy without any blemish, which helps her have one of the most outstanding bare face.

Besides, the lines on Jisoo’s face can be said to be perfect. After all, the make-up layout is to make her look better, but even when appearing with a bare face, she can not become ugly.

Do you think that BLACKPINK are still beautiful even when they take off their makeup?

Sources: k14

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