BLACKPINK will collaborate with Cardi B but YG decline to promote that makes Knet angry

Not only this comeback, but the previous comebacks of BLACKPINK were also not actively promoted by YG.

Recently, BLACKPINK is at the center of attention with the first full album in their career.

The Album will be released on October 2. In addition to the title song “Lovesick Girls”, the album also has a promising combination between BLACKPINK and female rapper Cardi B. This song is called “Bet You Wanna”.

The collaboration with Cardi B – the female artist who has dominated the Billboard Hot 100 for several weeks, has attracted special attention from fans. However, it was not until September 29, when the tracklist was officially released, that fans could receive this information from YG. The company hasn’t promoted this collab at all.

Morover, YG had to let BLACKPINK and even Cardi B go to promote the product themselves. A few minutes after the release of the tracklist, Cardi B was extremely excited to post two statuses about ‘Bet You Wanna’ on her twitter.

After the tracklist was released, a topic on a popular forum in Korea was discussing wildly by Knetizen: “Does YG really not promote the song that BLACKPINK feat Cardi B?”. Many people thought that YG was too lazy to promote. Besides, some people thought that Bet You Wanna was not the theme song so YG did not need to promote, and YG’s way of working was always like that. 

Previously, BLACKPINK’s collab with Selena Gomez was in a similar situation. Celebrating the release of Ice Cream, Selena Gomez had sent gifts to many famous artists to promote the song, more enthusiastically than YG.

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