BLACKPINK underfire for taking photos with dancers without wearing masks

The pictures of BLACKPINK without wearing a mask next to the dancers at the backstage of THE SHOW caused fierce controversy.  However, many netizens defended the YG girl group.

Concert online THE SHOW suddenly became a hot topic but not because of the impressive performances of BLACKPINK.  On the contrary, the YG girl group was unexpectedly criticized on Pann (Korea) for behind-the-scenes photos of the show.

BLACKPINK take photos with dancers without wearing masks

In the photo, BLACKPINK took a picture with many male and female dancers, but they did not wear masks.  Therefore, the 4 YG girls and the crew are said to be not complying with the epidemic prevention regulations.  Despite doing online concerts, the number of people appearing to support BLACKPINK is not small in the context of the Covid-19 epidemic.

Thereby, some people believe that the actions of BLACKPINK can increase the risk of infection. Someone even took the example of the crew of True Beauty receiving criticism for taking the photos without masks and wondering why BLACKPINK was not criticized.

However, unexpectedly, many netizens disagree with the above opinion.  According to them, wearing a mask while taking photos makes no sense because the dancers and BLACKPINK did not wear masks when performing.  The group itself is so cautious about the epidemic that they did not attend any year-end awards ceremony, the staff and dancers always wore masks when not on stage.

On the other hand, the YG girl group only took off the mask when taking pictures with the assistant dancers team.  The girls’ dancers must have been tested before doing the concert.  In the case of the True Beauty film crew, the staff also took off their masks while taking the photos, so they were accused of not complying with epidemic prevention measures.

Netizens and fans also defended BLACKPINK when giving evidence that the girls, staff, and dancers still wore masks carefully behind the scenes.  Some people also explained that this is YG’s own dancer, the company also did not hire external dancers, so it is easy to manage.

Sources: Kenh14

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