BLACKPINK, TWICE and Red Velvet has all returned in 2019, but who is the netizens’ favourite?

The 3 biggest girl groups of BIG 3 – BLACKPINK, TWICE and Red Velvet – have all made their comeback for 2019. The question is: Who is the public’s most favourite one?

3 main girl groups from BIG 3 – Red Velvet (SM Entertainment), TWICE (JYP Entertainment) and BLACKPINK (YG Entertainment) – have all had their first comeback in 2019. With 3 concepts and 3 different music style, which name is the Korean’s most favourite?

BLACKPINK, TWICE and Red Velvet have all had their first comeback in 2019
BLACKPINK – ‘Kill This Love’ M/V
Red Velvet – “Zimzalabim” MV

It’s easy to see that, even though Red Velvet has only come back for a few days but their domestic and international influence is enough to rival that of the other 2 girl groups! If BLACKPINK with “Kill This Love” is a real explosion on the international market, TWICE is the nation’s sweetheart with their long-run ranking on digital charts. The SM girls Red Velvet is showing that they are not a weaker opponent with a stable position on digital charts and even surpassed BLACKPINK to become the first K-Pop girl group to win a #1 on the U.S iTunes Album Chart!

Despite the change in concept, TWICE still did well with “Fancy”
BLACKPINK continues with the consecutive achievement for “Kill This Love”
Red Velvet silently proves that they deserve to be in this battle with both BLACKPINK and TWICE

Discussing about the first comebacks of these 3 girl groups, the netizens’ opinions varied. However, most of the comments adore TWICE’s “Fancy” and refer to it as the best ones in 2019 between BLACKPINK, TWICE and Red Velvet’s comeback in 2019.

– “To me, Fancy is the best!”

– “Kill This Love is a catchy song to everyone, how can the other songs compare to it?”

– “Isn’t Fancy the most famous one? That song stable position on the charts is the most awesome!”

– “I like “Zimzalabim”!”

– “I like Fancy the most.”

– “Both “Kill This Love” and “Fancy” have received a good response with impressive numbers. For “Zimzalabim”, we still cannot say anything yet.”

– “The more you listen to Fancy, the more addictive it becomes!”

– “Isn’t Kill This Love the best one? That’s is the highest-ranking song on Billboard Hot 100 for a K-Pop girl group!”

– “”Kill This Love” >> “Fancy” >> “Zimzalabim””

– “Fancy is awesome! I don’t usually listen to idols’ but that song is good!”

– “BLACKPINK is too well-known for their concept in “Kill This Love”. “Fancy”  is good, but still couldn’t reach the expectation from the public and it didn’t do as good as the previous songs. “Zimzalabim” is a new concept from Red Velvet, I’m gonna watch and see if the result is good for them!”

– “I like all 3 of them!”

– “To me it’s Fancy >> Kill This Love >> Zimzalabim”

– “I think “Fancy” is the most addictive one!”

– “It must be Fancy, I listen to it almost every day!”

Source: Kenh14

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