BLACKPINK teases “Pink Venom” ahead of release: “The final dance break is our strongest choreography” 

BLACKPINK raises expectations for their upcoming pre-release single “Pink Venom”. 

At 10 am KST on August 19th, a press conference was held ahead of the release of BLACKPINK’s long-awaited comeback with the opening single “Pink Venom”. At the event, the members had exciting revelations about their highly-anticipated new song. 


When asked about the highlight of “Pink Venom” MV, Lisa said, “There is a dance break, and the set looks great. The MV is a combination of intense makeup, styling, and powerful dance.” Lisa added that she particularly enjoys the dance break at the end of “Pink Venom” and thinks it’s “some of BLACKPINK’s most powerful choreography.”

As for what stands out in the choreography for “Pink Venom”, Rosé and Jennie said, “We tried to include a lot of points that interpreted the keyword ‘Pink Venom’. Especially in the chorus, there are interesting moves that everyone can follow along.”

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Jisoo teased that the MV for “Pink Venom” is very conceptual and the members transformed their images with new styling and fashion since they wanted to do something new for their fans. 

Jennie said with confidence, “We are BLACKPINK and contradiction is our charm. That’s what we wanted to show. It’s pink venom, a lovely poison.”


Through the teaser video, the MV for “Pink Venom”, which has the highest production cost in YG Entertainment’s history, incorporates Korean traditional beauty such as geomungo and sundial, and captivatingly contains dark yet beautiful contrasting images of “Pink” and “Venom”. The MV’s overwhelming set, magnificent atmosphere, splendid visuals are expected to be a feast to both the eyes and ears. BLACKPINK will release the pre-release single “Pink Venom” at 1 PM KST today (August 19). 

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