BLACKPINK shows determined efforts and heartfelt moments in preparation for Coachella 2023

BLACKPINK released the behind-the-scenes moments of the preparation for the 2023 Coachella.

Following the show-stopping performances at 2023 Coachella, BLACKPINK released the “B.P.M Roll #21”, revealing the behind-the-scenes preparation for the nights of spectacular performances at the music festival.

The preparation and rehearsals for Coachella took place long before the official stages. The BLACKPINK members had to practice almost all the time, came up with ideas for their “BORN PINK” World Tour, and arranged their personal schedules. While the practice was strenuous, the BLACKPINK members kept positive energy and always cared for one another.

BLACKPINK gave their 100’s while rehearsing for the Coachella performances
The BLACKPINK girls always kept a light-hearted atmosphere and took care of one another

This “B.P.M Roll” also revealed the creative aspect of the stage performances. After each rehearsal, BLACKPINK gathered for an objective evaluation and gave their thoughts on additional changes if necessary. Rosé came up with ideas for her solo stages, while Jennie thought up ways to control her stage. Jisoo and Lisa focused on the details of their dance moves.

Besides hours of hard work, the YG girls had moments of relaxation. When a member was rehearsing their solo stage, the rest observed closely and even danced to the choreography of that stage.

Jennie and Lisa danced to the “FLOWER” choreography
Lisa grooved to Jennie’s “You&Me”
Jennie danced her heart out to Lisa’s fiery choreography

Source: K14 

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