BLACKPINK shared spoilers for the comeback song: it will be “swag”, reminds them of King Kong and cat?

 BLACKPINK has teased about the upcoming comeback song in their reality show, but after seeing these “hints“, fans might … be even more confused.

Before the comeback on June 26, BLACKPINK released their own reality show called “24/365 with BLACKPINK” on YouTube. They will share their lives through vlogs and in the first episode, the girls did what the fans were most looking forward to now: sharing “spoilers” for the upcoming comeback song.

When Jisoo asked if there was a part of the song they could reveal, Rosé volunteered to talk about the part she found the most outstanding.  To describe the song as a whole, the main vocal of BLACKPINK made the action of… cat scratching: “To show you the atmosphere of the song, it’s this feeling … It reminds me of a cat”  .

 But with Jennie, the new song of BLACKPINK made her think of a King Kong: “It reminds me of a King Kong climbing to a tall building and screaming“.  The female idol also … screamed, doing the chest punch to illustrate it, making the members laugh, Lisa imitated her too.

 Jennie also spoiled the new song through facial expressions. Looking at the way she raised her eyebrows and jaw, the upcoming song of BLACKPINK will probably be very “swag” and cool?

 Based on what Jisoo shared, it’s very likely that this is true! BLACKPINK’s oldest member said, “If our music has been powerful and strong till now, our next song will focus more on a hip-hop aura with swag“.  She also said that BLINK will know what she means after listening to the new song, so fans are more excited about the comeback date.

 However, after seeing the spoilers that BLACKPINK gave, fans are even more confused. To find out how BLACKPINK comeback really is, fans have to wait for YG’s teaser and wait until June 26 to fully enjoy it!

 Also in the first episode, the members also talked about what they hope to share with their fans in the new reality show.  Rosé wanted to show fans the process of recording the album as this could be their new side, while Jennie said she wanted to film a complete vlog, letting viewers know what their daily life was like. Some other ideas are the group will learn the dance that Lisa has posted and BLACKPINK’s main dancer will evaluate them, sharing their interests or singing together.

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