BLACKPINK Rosé unexpectedly unblocked the “lucky yet unlucky” fangirl, who received a reply from her nearly a month ago

The bittersweet story of a BLINK when texting Rosé (BLACKPINK) once again attracts the attention of netizens.

Surely the BLACKPINK fan community has not forgotten the story of a fan who was personally blocked by Rosé on Instagram not long ago. Specifically, in November, an account of an international BLINK received a message from Rosé. However, only about 20 minutes later, Rosé blocked this person’s account

Although shocked when the idol directly blocked her after she had just replied to the message, this person had an explanation on her Instagram after careful consideration. This person shared that Rosé was forced to block her because after her message was accepted, Rosé would definitely receive her next messages and that Rosé also apologized before blocking her.

BLACKPINK Rosé unexpectedly unblocked the fangirl
BLACKPINK Rosé unexpectedly unblocked the fangirl
BLACKPINK Rosé unexpectedly unblocked the fangirl
Previously, this fangirl showed that Rosé replied to her message on Instagram and then quickly blocked her.
BLACKPINK Rosé unexpectedly unblocked the fangirl
This fangirl immediately shared on SNS: “OKAY um… I don’t know who the hell Rosé. had to talk to in the company or what measures she had to take for this but I just realized I could tap on Rosé’s official account. I’m unblocked?! I’ve never been more confused yet thankful in my life 9 Am I just restricted instead? Moved to general DM’s? I have no clue. The best I can hope for is that the company saw my efforts as a fan to protect Rosé’s image and it paid off.”

Thought that this fangirl would have to create another account to follow Rosé but recently, the BLACKPINK’s main vocalist suddenly had a different interaction with this account. It seems that Rosé has unblocked this account because Rosé’s posts are now showing up again. However, the above account no longer follows Rosé, and all of her likes and comments on Rosé’s posts have disappeared. Fans pointed out that maybe Rosé had unblocked but had to restrict this BLINK’s account.

BLACKPINK Rosé unexpectedly unblocked the fangirl


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