BlackPink Rosé shared,”8 years of dormitory life, in the early days of going to Korea living with cockroaches”

Rosé said she had lived in the dormitory for 8 years.

On the July 27th broadcast of JTBC’s ‘The Sea Of Hope‘, Rosé mentioned her dorm life.

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After the bar business in Pohang, Lee Ji-ah, Kim Go-eun, Rosé, and Lee Suhyun returned to their dorms, arrange their bed. Lee Suhyun pointed out, “There is a camera on the ceiling here. Whew, it’s annoying,” and showed a familiar appearance on the show as she warmed up the blanket and changed her pants.

Lee Ji-ah enjoyed the unfamiliar environment, “Doesn’t it seem like you’re playing house here?” and Rosé said, “I’ve been living in a dorm for 8 years. When I first came to Korea, we weren’t in our debut group, we lived in places where cockroaches appeared.”

Kim Go-eun proved to be a sister by saying, “I’ll catch them all.” Along with her, the fantastic chemistry between Kim Go-eun, who is afraid of bugs but catches them well while screaming, and Lee Suhuyn, who is not afraid of bugs but can’t catch them, is also revealed, giving laughter.

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