BLACKPINK Rosé receives many compliments as she looks like Disney princesses’ real-life version

The longer netizens look at her, the more they find that BLACKPINK’s “Australian rose” has many similarities with Disney princesses.

Although not a member in charge of BLACKPINK’s visual position, Rosé’s sweet and radiant beauty is always appreciated by the public.  Every time she appears, the YG female idol gives birth to countless legendary moments.

Beautiful face, long shiny hair, charming and haughty aura help Rosé always be likened to Disney princesses.  Indeed, every time she changes the concept and hairstyle, Rosé reminds people of Disney princesses like Elsa, Rapunzel, Ariel, …

1. Elsa

Possessing outstanding white skin, Rosé is always favored by stylists when wearing pure white outfits.  Looking at this image, Rosé really makes fans’ eyes widen when she looks exactly like Elsa from the hairstyle, platinum hair color, outfit to hand movements.  Indeed, Rosé stands out most brilliantly when on the music stage.

2. Ariel

Besides blonde hair, the image of Rosé with red hair is also extremely memorable.  Rosé’s facial features are exalted all with extremely eye-catching bright red hair.  In this corner of the photo, from the eyes, gestures to the charisma of the female idol, fans immediately think of Ariel.  Most importantly, both girls have captivating voices.

3. Belle

At the backstage of a music event, “Australian rose” shined brightly in a flowing yellow dress.  Many fans have to say: “She is the real Belle!”.

4. Merida

Rosé’s eye-catching curly hairstyle reminds people of the brave curly-haired princess Merida in the hit cartoon Brave.

5. Rapunzel

The long blonde hairstyle is the defining feature of both Rosé and Rapunzel.  In a sexy purple dress, the main vocalist BLACKPINK immediately received a “rain” of compliments. With her perfect body and long flowing hair, she looked like Rapunzel.

6. Snow White

The female idol born in 1997 looks a lot like Snow White with black eyes, red lips and white skin.  If she changed her hair color to black, surely Rosé would look even more like Snow White.

7. Tiana

When wearing a lovely turquoise dress, the YG idol looks like Tiana stepped out of The Princess And The Frog.  Above all, not only looks but the two also have in common that they always strive to achieve their dreams and inspire those around them.

8. Mulan

A legendary moment of Rosé reminiscent of Mulan, the princess of brave beauty and confidence.

9. Cinderella

The BLACKPINK member is also reminiscent of Cinderella when wearing a cool turquoise dress.  Indeed in any angle, “Australian rose” is as beautiful as the real princess.

10. Anna

Not only does she look like Elsa, but Rosé also resembles Anna in the movie Frozen.  And below is the picture when Rosé cosplayed the lovely princess Anna.

Source: K14