BLACKPINK Rosé and Jennie were spotted hanging out with Bella Poarch in Los Angeles

Recently, the famous tiktoker Bella Poarch was caught walking on the street with 2 Blackpink girls.

Bella Poarch is the owner of the hit ‘Build a b*tch’.  She is a famous female TikToker with more than 75 million followers and hundreds of videos on TikTok.  She released her first single in May and in a recent interview, Bella Poarch expressed her love for BLACKPINK and her desire to collaborate with Rosé.

Rosé and Jennie are 2 of the 4 talented, powerful and famous YG girls, known for their hits with billions of views.  Both Jennie and Rosé have debuted as solo singers and received fervent love from Kpop lovers.

And just a few days ago, 3 girls were spotted walking on the street in LA.  Appearing with simple outfits with masks covering half of their faces, they were still extremely beautiful and showed their own personality.

Rosé chose for herself a red dress that exudes charm and tenderness.  While Jennie appeared with a very cool t-shirt.  As for the TikTok girl, she wore a very cute outfit.

Immediately, rumors that Bella was “about to collaborate” with Blackpink spread again on social networks.  Although it is not known whether there will be any cooperation between the two sides, it can be affirmed that the Blackpink girls, especially Jennie and Rosé, have a very wide social network with famous characters in America.  Hopefully, through these outings, the group will release music more regularly. 

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