BLACKPINK revealed the full-member poster and the name of the title song

Through that poster, BLACKPINK revealed the name of the upcoming full album’s title song.

After a series of individual teasers, YG Entertainment released a full-member poster of BLACKPINK on the morning of September 28. Morover, YG also revealed the name of upcoming title song. However, fans were not… surprised at all!

In the photo, Rosé put her head on Jisoo’s shoulder while Jennie and Lisa leaned on each other. In the poster, the title track of BLACKPINK’s first full album was revealed to be LOVESICK GIRLS. 

Already, without any revelation from YG, fans were able to guess the name of the title track! When YG posted the pre-order information for THE ALBUM, fans recognized the song LOVESICK GIRLS in the tracklist. Furthermore, by the time BLACKPINK’s back-shadow poster was released, many people clicked on the post on the group’s home page and saw a link with the words “LSG_TEASER”. At that time BLINK guessed that “LSG” might be the acronym for the song LOVESICK GIRLS.

Many times fans guessed the right names of BLACKPINK’s title songs before YG revealed them. When the group made a comeback with How You Like That, the acronym “HYLT” was revealed by YG on the homepage. As for Ice Cream, Jennie accidentally … “spoiled” the title on her Instagram.

Although fans have known for a long time, but for YG and Blackpink to be happy, everyone… pretended to be surprised. They commented:

– Let’s pretend to be surprised, everyone.

– The name of the song was surprising. Why are they so close together.

– Will the content of the music video be that 4 girls who are lovesick and they feel that men are not reliable, so they fall in love with each other?

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