BLACKPINK members’ picks of their favorite stage outfits in the past 5 years

Check out which outfits Jennie, Rosé, Jisoo, and Lisa chose as their favorite ones from their careers so far!

BLACKPINK has been hailed as a group with a lot of potentials to become a top group since their debut, such as strong vocals, outstanding rap skills, catchy songs, beautiful visuals, charming charisma, viral choreography, and, most importantly, wonderful outfits.

On August 8, during a live broadcast to commemorate BLACKPINK’s fifth anniversary, the four members got the opportunity to look back on their previous journey and share unforgettable moments throughout each year of their activities.

Jennie, Rosé, Jisoo, and Lisa, in particular, each chose their favorite outfit from their careers so far. 

Jennie: “As If It’s Your Last” outfit

Jennie’s pick is a pink outfit in the group’s comeback with As If It’s Your Last. At that time, Jennie attracted a lot of attention and received countless compliments because she looked so beautiful in that outfit. 

It was also a rare occasion when Jennie wore a pink outfit, as she usually chose luxurious outfits with white, black, and red as the predominant colors.

Rosé: ‘Coachella’ outfit

Rosé actually had a hard time choosing her favorite, but Jisoo helped her out by picking out an all-time favorite among fans – the ‘Coachella’ outfit. 

With her blonde hair flying in the breeze and her glittering outfit, Rosé actually ‘burned’ the Coachella stage that year!

Jisoo –  ‘Boombayah’ MV

Jisoo was very confident when choosing her debut outfit during the promotion with ‘Boombayah’. A white shirt with a lovely heart attached, combined with a dynamic short skirt, her outfit was somewhat simple but still enhanced the visual of Jisoo. The female idol also revealed that she even asked the stylists to let her bring this outfit home so that she could keep it as an unforgettable memory of herself.

Lisa – ‘How You Like That’ MV

With her cool personality, there’s no doubt that Lisa’s legendary outfit must be very special. The legendary outfit of Lisa was the one to appear in the MV but has never been on stage. Lisa’s choice was the outfit of her solo scene in the ‘How You Like That’ MV. This outfit once became the center of attention with its brilliant, bold “The Arabian Nights” theme. 

It was known that this luxurious set of sparkling rhinestones was designed specifically for Lisa by designer Hong Ki Young. With this outfit, Lisa has successfully shown her rebelliousness but also her attractiveness, which was very suitable for her rap part in ‘How You Like That’.

Netizens have left many comments praising the 4 girls of BLACKPINK:

  • “We all know Rosé at Coachella was just a goddess.”
  • “Lisa’s outfit was so cool. She looks so damn good in the fanciest styles!”
  • “It looks like the members all know their own styles and what matches them pretty well.”
  • “OMG I would have chosen the same for all four of them.”
  • “That fancam of Jennie is my all-time favorite!”\“Rosé’s Coachella outfit… whoever put that together needs an award.”
  • “All of the outfits in ‘As If It’s Our Last’ were my style TT. I love the rich preppy hi-teen look.”
  • “I loved Jisoo’s ‘Forever Young’ outfit.”
  • “But BLACKPINK looks amazing in anything (heart).”

There is no doubt that with BLACKPINK girls’ outstanding visuals and bodies, no matter how they dress, they can still shine in their own way. In addition, with their unique fashion sense, every time the 4 girls appear, their outfits are breathtakingly beautiful. This makes fans even more eager to see the girls on stage so that they can enjoy BLACKPINK’s top-notch performances. 


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