BLACKPINK Lisa’s fans went to YouTube and ‘terrorized’ Lee Mu Jin with malicious comments

After singer Lee Mu Jin beat Lisa to win the trophy at Inkigayo, international fans of BLACKPINK flooded his’s MV with malicious comments.

On September 19, it was reported that the Youtube comment section under Lee Mu Jin’s “Traffic Light” MV released in May by Lee Mu Jin’s company, Showplay Entertainment, has been terrorized with malicious comments by BLACKPINK Lisa’s overseas fans.


They left many comments, such as, “Lisa is a globally famous singer. Who is this person anyway?”, “This song is just normal”, “Korea doesn’t deserve Lisa at all”, “KPOP is doomed because of its racism.”

In particular, Lisa’s fans were angry because of the result on SBS’s “Inkigayo”, which was aired on the same day. On the broadcast of “Inkigayo”, Lee Mu Jin’s “Traffic Light”, Lisa’s “LALISA” and Aespa’s “Next Level” were nominated for the No.1 place.


Then, it turned out that Lee Mu Jin won the No.1 among the powerful candidates. Lee Mu Jin scored 5653 points in total and received the first-place trophy on the broadcast of “Inkigayo” in the 3rd week of September. No.2 Lisa (4973 points) was left behind with a narrow gap, and the 3rd place went to Aepsa with 4908 points.

Upon hearing the result, some of Lisa’s international fans began posting malicious comments under the Youtube videos of Lee Mu Jin, who won No.1 on “Inkigayo”.

On the other hand, other overseas fans of Lisa mostly reacted differently; they said, “At first, I came to listen to this song because I was angry with him, but now I understand why he got the 1st place”, “For the sake of Lisa, let’s not leave bad comments”, “After listening to the song, I think he deserves the No.1”, “We have to admit the result”


Meanwhile, Lisa released her solo song “LALISA” on September 10. Immediately after its release, “LALISA” ranked No.1 on the iTunes Top Song Chart in 72 countries, proving its great popularity.

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