BLACKPINK Lisa’s ability to memorize new choreography makes netizens admire

Lisa revealed that it took her about 2 to 3 hours to complete the process of learning new choreography.

On September 10, in an interview with Billboard, Lisa (BlackPink) shared her process to learn new choreographies. 

Lisa revealed, “Before I take the lesson, I have to watch the [demo] video several times, like for an hour”. While watching the video, she focused on memorizing the picture and story that each movement wanted to convey.

“After that, when I take the class, I have to put every movement into a story. There’s some muscle memory, but I have to get into the mindset of, “OK, this movement has to connect with this movement so it becomes a story.” – Lisa added.

The Billboard reporter thinks that it can take Lisa days or even weeks to complete the process of learning new choreography, from watching demo videos to memorizing the movements. However, the female singer said she did not need to spend too much time learning the choreography. “No, just like two or three hours.” – Lisa shared.

According to Lisa, on the first day of practicing a new movement, she could feel overwhelmed. Therefore, the female singer needed to rest for one night, after that, she would learn and memorize the entire choreography.

When asked how dance helps her express herself, Lisa said: “I feel like dancing doesn’t require much thinking from me. My body moves on its own, and I don’t really get stressed about what’s coming next — I just let my body move to the music. And that’s just me. So dancing is what I communicate through, instead of words. And I feel like dancing is my best friend. [Laughs.]”

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