BLACKPINK Lisa received a heartfelt hand-written letter from Jisoo on “Real Men 300”

Lisa shed tears while reading a handwritten letter from BLACKPINK Jisoo.

On MBC’s show “Real Men 300” aired on the afternoon of June 26th, nine applicants of the show went to the Army Academy to participate in the selection of “300 Warrior”. However, Shin Ji, Lisa, and Lee Yoobi were given training counseling due to injuries.

Shin Ji said, “I feel depressed and alienated from my training. But I really want to march. The reason was that when I walked up from the volcano site, a motivator was controlling me. Because of me, everyone fell behind, but in the end they still made it, so I feel really thankful. I cried not because it’s hard, it’s because I was moved.

Lisa, who was upset that she did not participate in the drill, shed tears as soon as she saw the letter written by BLACKPINK Jisoo. The letter said, “Are you doing well in the heat? Let’s come back and eat something delicious. I love you. I hope you come back with a bright smiley face.

Lisa showed the letter, “If you asked why I cried as soon as I opened the letter, it’s because of this Polaroid photo that we took on a trip to Jeju island together

Sources: Nate

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