BLACKPINK Leader covered Jennie’s SOLO: Fans laughed at the hilarious cover

Cover of Jennie’s hit song, Seungri caused the audience to laugh out loud because of the hilarious outfits.

On December 14th, Seungri was in the country of cherry blossoms to start a concert in Osaka. Then, on December 15th, Seungri‘s concert in Osaka took place with the presence of thousands of fans. On the first day of the performance, Seungri brought back an emotional concert with impressive performances.

Besides performing his own songs, Seungri also showed the image of Big Bang on the screen during the performance. In the youngest’s hear, his brothers are always with him and they have a very important position

Also, right at the concert, many fans were surprised by the special appearance of the guest idol BLACKPINK – Jennie.

Here, Jennie with the long hair while wearing the entire outfit in the MV with a red chest shirt is the highlight. Besides, “she” has brought a strong and vibrant SOLO stage. But it seems that because of singing too much, Jennie‘s voice has become … masculine.

However, in fact, there was no Jennie appearing at this concert but this was just a cover of Seungri, “the BLACKPINK leader”.

Singing well, dancing well, even hitting the right notes, the outfit of Seungri‘s cover made many fans laugh out loud. It was the same long hairstyle and the same mix-match top yet it looked hilarious. Many fans joke that this costume is no different from the consequences of buying online.

Seungri is known as the “5th member of the BLACKPINK” and also covered the solo songs. Despite singing and dancing so well, yet due to the hilarious outfit, his cover became a SOLO version like this.

Source: Yan