BLACKPINK Jisoo x Jung Jae-in’s pictorials for Harper’s BAZAAR, mentioning “Snowdrops” ahead of its official airing

Photos and interviews of “Snowdrops” couple – Jung Jae-in and Jisoo for Harper’s BAZAAR have just been revealed.

Pictorials of actor Jung Hae-in and BLACKPINK Jisoo on the fashion magazine Harper’s BAZAAR were released on November 12th. Together portraying the heartbreaking love story in “Snowdrop”, the two also showed perfect chemistry while shooting this pictorial series and received constant compliments from staff.

During an interview after the pictorial shoot, Jung Hae-in explained the reason why he agreed to act in the drama “Snowdrop”, saying, “The biggest reason was the script. The power of the lines, the power of the story, and my infinite trust in the writer and the director.”

Regarding her secret of being able to focus on the work in parallel with BLACKPINK’s activities, Ji-soo said, “Youngro and Ji-soo’s worlds were so different that there was no confusion for me. In addition, from the moment I arrived at the drama set, everyone treated me as Youngro, not Ji-soo. I was so grateful to the staff because thanks to this, I was able to fully focus on Youngro,” she said.

Both actors expressed their expected  feelings ahead of the first broadcast. Jung Hae-in said, “Snowdrop” is the work that gave me the most difficulty in acting. As such, I relied a lot on not only the director and Ji-soo, but also each and every one of the staff. I think that’s how I felt. As expected, there’s nothing I can do alone. So I think I’ll be more nervous than ever while watching the first broadcast,” he said.

Ji-soo said, “The members said they would watch it live.” They always cheered for me by contacting me so often even during the shoot. Thanks to the members’ curiosity, I gained strength and worked harder”, she said adding, “I’m not confident enough to watch the first broadcast with anyone. I want to watch it alone at home, but I don’t know what will happen. I think I will barely see it through a very small gap between my fingers with my eyes covered.”

The interview was published in the December issue of Harper’s BAZAAR.


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