BLACKPINK Jennie sent a special gift to a Dutch fashion photographer couple

Dutch photographers Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin revealed the gifts they received from BLACKPINK Jennie.

On October 20th, Van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin uploaded several photos and videos of Jennie on their accounts. Those are the results of their working collaboration with Jennie.

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The couple explained, “Jennie brought this from Korea and gifted us on the Chanel photoshoot day” They have been working with the BLACKPINK member for the Chanel campaign and promotional events since March. Therefore, Jennie prepared some traditional gifts for the couple to show them the beauty of Korea. So, what are the gifts wrapped in Hunminjeongeum paper?

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First of all, there is pair of wooden Mandarin duck carvings. Mandarin ducks carvings have symbolized “a married couple” since ancient Korean times, holding the meaning of an affectionate and harmonious couple. This is because this gift always goes in a pair of male and female Mandarin ducks. Jennie gave this meaningful present to the couple to thank them for their experience of working together.

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In addition, Jennie also gifted them cute and colorful handmade bracelets. These bracelets were made with the names of the two photographers on them. Jennie’s gifts drew admirations from netizens. They commented, “She picked the present herself? She has a really good sense”, “It’s a Korean gift. It would be nice to be used for interior decoration”, “She chose such a meaningful gift”

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