BLACKPINK Jennie has become a new model of Korean Bed Brand ACE BED

Jennie’s first TV commercial for Ace Bed has also just been launched.

On August 17th, bed brand Ace Bed revealed that Jennie, a member of the girl group BLACKPINK, had been chosen as a new promotional model.

Her first TV commercial was also just launched a few days ago.

Ace Bed explained, “We chose BLACKPINK’s Jennie as the new face of the ‘Good Sleep’ season 2 campaign in the hope of being able to convey the brand’s message of ‘Good sleep make a good me’ through Jennie’s daily life images.”

A representative of Ace Bed said, “I hope that the ‘Good sleep makes a good me’ that Ace Bed talked about will be well conveyed through the campaign we collaborated with her. We wanted to convey the message that sleep affects life quality and ultimately plays a big role in creating a ‘good me.’”


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