BLACKPINK is rumored to participate in a TV show in China

After Lisa’s success as a mentor on the Chinese reality show “Youth With You 2”, YG increasingly expresses its ambitionfor all members to enter this billion populated market by letting BLACKPINK members appear in China right before the group was about to comeback.

 Recently, fans suddenly spread a picture of the popular Mango TV channel in China, revealing BLACKPINK will join their new music show.

Although YG has not confirmed this schedule of BLACKPINK, fans are excited because for over 2 years, the girls have appeared in almost no shows.

 Billions of Wind Shaves is a survival show with the participation of 30 contestants.  The ultimate goal of the program is to select the best members and form a 5-member girl group through training, evaluating and competition.  The special thing about this show is that the contestants are all artists who were born before 1990, and are already known in the entertainment industry.

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