BLACKPINK has shown great performance on screens

BLACKPINK has proved that they not only perform well on stages, they can also do well on screens.

Global KPOP fans are giving the girl group enthusiastic responses to their special content that seems to have succeeded beyond the limit of time and space.

BLACKPINK has shown great performance on screens

According to reports, as of August 19, from the distributors CJ 4DPLEX and Trafalgar Releasing, BLACKPINK’s “The Movie” has gained nearly 5 million dollars in total. This was the highest sales record of an event cinema releasing this year. In addition, “The Movie” attracted nearly 500.000 audiences all over the world.

BLACKPINK has shown great performance on screens

In particular, their performance in the U.S market has earned many outstanding achievements. On the first day that BLACKPINK’s “The Movie” was released in the U.S, it ranked No.2 in average audience share and No.6 in the box office. Although it was an event cinema, “The Movie” achieved great success in the box office, drawing the foreign media’s attention.

BLACKPINK’s “The Movie” was premiered in various theater formats, including Screen X and 4DX and 4DXScreen. Although “The Movie” could only be viewed through the cinema’s screens, the audiences were able to watch BLACKPINK’s performances with a great music experience that was like being in a concert hall.

BLACKPINK has shown great performance on screens

The Movie” provided the viewers with high satisfaction despite the fact that they couldn’t meet the artists in real life due to the spread of the pandemic. However, many fans still spent “Nth time” watching “The Movie” and gave positive reviews: “It was the best 99-minute film that I’ve ever watched”, “I was excited to see BLACKPINK on the big screen. It was a whole new experience.”, “In the beginning, I was surprised at the 4DX effects. Then when it came to the second half of the movie, I was actually going to cry.”

Staff at the movie theater shared, “I’ve seen many movies about other musicians, but BLACKPINK’s “The Movie” was really a hit. It gave me the feelings of immersion and liveliness as if I was in a real concert. BLACPINK’s energy, BLINK’s fanchant, the perfect music of YG, and the modern technology of the cinema were all in sync.”

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