Rosé releases her solo MV, Jennie and Lisa appear on cover photos of two famous magazines, BLACKPINK has occupied all the spotlight today

The images on the covers of the famous magazines of Jennie and Lisa published after the release of Rosé’s solo MV continued to make fans crazy.

Rosé’s debut as a solo artist had not “cooled down”, BLINKs received more good news from Jennie and Lisa.  The two girls were chosen to become the cover faces of two famous magazines.

As a prominent member of BLACKPINK, netizens noticed the smallest move involving Jennie.  Recently, netizens discovered that Harper’s Bazaar Korea teased the cover image of the new magazine issue.  Although the picture did not reveal her face, just looking at the shadow and a hint related to Channel was enough for fans to correctly guess this beauty was Jennie.

Besides Harper’s Bazaar Korea, ELLE Korea has just updated a new status with the image of a girl wearing a hat covering half her face.  Fans easily recognize her charming chin, lips, and hashtag Celine, which clearly shows that this character is Lisa.  Moreover, from the way of posing, the model in the cover photo completely has the style of “international sister” Lisa.

Although it was only a black and white teaser photo, the appearance of Jennie and Lisa on the covers of two famous magazines took the spotlight.  The perfect body, especially the luxurious charisma of the two girls, has made fans “crazy”.

More surprisingly, these powerful names introduced the appearance of the two girls on the official Instagram accounts.  It goes without saying that it is enough to know how Jennie and Lisa are favored. 

This is not the first time that Jennie and Lisa “caused fever” when appearing in the magazine.  The two idols have had experience modeling for covers for many famous brands.  Even the main rapper of BLACKPINK is also the first Korean artist to appear on all 6 most-popular fashion magazines, only in 2020, she has 5 times on the cover pages. 

Besides, many netizens said that the Harper’s Bazaar Korea magazine with the appearance of Jennie and Elle Korea with the appearance of Lisa will quickly be sold out.  The reason is that both are the most popular members of BLACKPINK.  If Jennie is loved by Koreans, Lisa also owns a large number of international fans.

Fans are looking forward to the official cover photos of Jennie and Lisa.  However, the publication of the cover photos of Jennie and Lisa on the right day of Rosé’s solo also created a lot of controversies.  Netizens believed that the two BLACKPINK rappers have overwhelmed Rosé, becoming the focus of that day. 

Temporarily ignoring unnecessary controversies, BLINKs still wholeheartedly support each member’s own project.  Currently, fans focus on streaming MV On The Ground, helping Rosé to set more new records.

Sources: Yan

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