BLACKPINK has not come back for more than a year, Blinks help idols collect countless views achievement posters in the meantime!

Most recently, BLACKPINK’s Kill This Love MV has reached 1.5 billion views on YouTube.

BLACKPINK is a special case of the Kpop music industry, when the break between comebacks often lasts a long time. It has been over 1 year and 2 months since the last time BLACKPINK released a new product. During such a long wait, what does the Blink community do? Yes, they have been streaming the videos and listening to old songs over and over again!

Over the past year, fans have gathered a lot of posters with surprisingly high views. Most recently, BLACKPINK uploaded a brand new YouTube views achievement poster, which is the MV Kill This Love with 1.5 billion views.

BLACKPINK achievement posters

MV Kill This Love reached 1.5 billion views after 1,027 days, the 2nd fastest Kpop MV to achieve this achievement after MV DDU-DU DDU-DU. This is also the MV with the 2nd most views among BLACKPINK’s released MVs, and also the 2nd highest viewed MV in Kpop history.

On social media, fans have mixed reactions to BLACKPINK’s latest YouTube achievement.  Yes, it’s nice to hit another record, but what fans need most right now is BLACKPINK’s comeback. For more than a year, fans have only watched the old MVs over and over again, contributing to BLACKPINK’s many YouTube achievement posters, but still have not seen the girls’ new music release.

BLACKPINK achievement posters
Fans are still “collecting debt” from YG under the comment section on Kill This Love’s 1.5 billion views poster
BLACKPINK achievement posters
Recently, BLACKPINK’s account posted a lot of new YouTube views record posters
BLACKPINK achievement posters
MV “BOOMBAYAH” reached 1.3 billion views on November 1st, 2021
BLACKPINK achievement posters
MV “How You Like That” reached 1 billion views on December 11th, 2021
BLACKPINK achievement posters
BLACKPINK achievement posters
BLACKPINK achievement posters
The dance practice videos also hit huge views

Under the comment section on YG’s Twitter account, fans simultaneously left the hashtag #WeWantBLACKPINKMusic, asking the company to make a response on the group’s comeback time. It is true that no fandom is “suffering” as much as Blink!


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