BLACKPINK fans were angry when AAA organizers mistakenly gave IZ * ONE album sales record

The AAA 2020 awards ceremony is making BLACKPINK fans extremely angry for mistaking the girl group with the highest album sales in the first week. 

As usual, the Asia Artist Awards (AAA 2020) ended in controversy, causing fandoms to “fight” each other fiercely. Thinking that BLACKPINK was out of the war because they didn’t attend, but the BLINK fandom is angry because the group’s achievements were given to another group. 

At AAA 2020, when the host announced CRAVITY and IZ * ONE as two artists who won the Potential Singer Award, a confusing situation occurred in the introduction of the girl group that came out of Produce48. The quote with the passage: “IZ * ONE sets a record as the girl group with the highest first-week album sales”.

IZ * ONE used to be the girl group that sold the most albums in the first week, but the 4 YG girls broke this record when they made a comeback with THE ALBUM in October.

After a week, BLACKPINK’s first full-album sold 689,066 copies, while IZ * ONE only sold 389,334 copies of Oneiric Diary.  Therefore, the 4-member girl group is the girl group with the highest first-week album sales. 

BLACKPINK even took pictures with the best-selling album certificate of the first day and first week of the girl group that the Hanteo chart gave them.  However, do not understand that AAA 2020 accidentally or intentionally ignored the group’s achievements and called IZ * ONE the owner of this record.

The mistake at AAA 2020 made BLACKPINK fans extremely angry.  The 4 YG girls are the girl group with the greatest achievement in 2020 but have not received any Daesang, their proud record was also attached to the other group considered “the straw that broke the camel’s back.”

To regain equity for BLACKPINK, BLINK has put the hashtag #AAA_ApologizetoBLACKPINK to No. 2 on Twitter’s global trend.  On the social network, many comments criticized AAA.  Fans said that this award ceremony did not respect BLACKPINK, brushing off the group’s efforts just because they did not attend.

Some comments:

  • No hate to the other group, but why?  I MEAN, JUST WHY? BLACKPINK DESERVES BETTER!
  • Relevant charts are all over, is it really hard to acknowledge BLACKPINK’s success and achievements?
  • We don’t care about those awards, but it’s not fair that they discredit Blackpink in their achievements. MORE RESPECT FOR BLACKPINK 
  • BlackPink is always ignored at every award ceremony. But this situation is so…

Currently, AAA 2020 has not made any move to correct the new information that BLACKPINK is a female group that set a record for the first week of album sales.  This is not the first time that the 4 YG girls have been “invisible” in the eyes of awards ceremonies.  Not long ago, fans were extremely disappointed when BLACKPINK did not enter the top 10 excellent artists, receiving Bonsang at the 2020 APAN Music Awards, although the number of votes and achievements surpassed many other groups.

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