BLACKPINK fans demand justice for Rosé, criticizing YG for letting Bang Ye Dam (TREASURE) release a solo track before debut

YG uploading a teaser for the solo release of Bang Ye Dam before he even debuts has irritated many BLACKPINK fans.

BLACKPINK is probably one of the groups who have faced the most controversies regarding discrimination in Kpop. In addition to being separated within the fandom due to individual fans, the BLINK community (BLACKPINK fans) also regularly criticizes the agency YG for treating the members unfairly. One of the most typical reasons is that YG does not let BLACKPINK come back more than once a year.

Also, the fact that the company has been ignoring solo projects of other members has also become a big controversy.  Accordingly, BLINKs have high expectations that Rosé would have a solo debut following Jennie but a time has passed and the company still hasn’t made any move yet. In contrast, TREASURE – the new male group’s debut process is being promoted at full speed.

Recently, YG continued to announce the details of BLACKPINK in 2020 after stating that the group will make a comeback in June. Specifically, the girls will have a pre-release title in June, followed by another single in a special format in July or August. Finally the company got fans excited by announcing that BLACKPINK planned to release the first full album of their career in September 2020.  Despite knowing that YG often ‘breaks promises’, BLINKs still expect the company to complete what they set out to do.

While everything about BLACKPINK is still generally ‘planned to/expected to’, today (May 21), YG has announced a detailed plan for TREASURE’s debut.  Accordingly, this new boy group will release 3 to 4 songs continuously from the beginning of July until the end of 2020. During that time, the rookie boys will also participate in many promotional activities, regularly appearing on music shows during the last months of the year.

However, what makes BLACKPINK fans ‘most annoyed’ is that YG released a teaser for a solo pre-release of Bang Ye Dam – the ace of TREASURE. Accordingly, the male idol will release a solo single around June, before TREASURE officially joins the Kpop race in July 2020.

Perhaps YG already expected many people to wonder why Bang Ye Dam is so ‘favored’, YG also explained this in the announcement about TREASURE.  The company stated that the male idol had prepared for his solo project long before TREASURE was formed. Bang Ye Dam has been practicing at YG for 7 years and this is considered a surprise gift to his fans before officially debuting in TREASURE.  YG also revealed that this solo track will have a MV but not official promotions.

Although YG has clarified the decision to release a solo single for Bang Ye Dam, this only made BLACKPINK fans even more mad.  Fans don’t say that juniors do not deserve to go solo, but what they want to emphasize is that BLACKPINK is being mistreated. First, YG is doing a lot to promote TREASURE, releasing a series of photos, and many songs will be continuously released for this rookie group from now until the end of 2020.  Meanwhile, BLACKPINK only has 1 comeback a year and the number of songs released during 4 years of active are not enough. 

The second thing that BLINK pointed out is the apparent injustice between Bang Ye Dam and Rosé (BLACKPINK) even though both are main vocals.  While the rookie got a solo song, even though he hasn’t debuted yet, Rosé hasn’t had a solo track, either an official solo debut, an OST or a collab song with other artists.

Not only that, many fans also pointed out the discrimination in these 2’s covers.  Rosé’s covers like ‘Eyes Closed’ or ‘The Christmas Song’ on Youtube are all too simple with just one background picture being displayed.  Meanwhile, the ‘Honesty’ cover video of Bang Ye Dam is clearly more well-prepared from the scene, color to the filming of the singer.  Although it’s just a cover video, it feels like a music video. 

Many fans are extremely dissatisfied with YG’s discrimination against BLACKPINK when looking at other male idols from the same company.  They said BLACKPINK, the ‘golden goose’ of YG, has been restrained and blocked from many music activities.  Meanwhile, the members of TREASURE have not even officially debuted yet but have been taken good care of. 

Currently, the fans are trending the hashtag #YG_RESPECT_BLACKPINK and this hashtag has reached the global Top Trending on Twitter in 2nd place.

Another hashtag also being pushed to trending is #WE_WANT_ROSE_SOLO. This hashtag ranked 25th in Global Top Trending on Twitter.

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