BLACKPINK delays their online concert due to serious outbreak of Covid-19. Fans feel sorry but still praises the girls’ top visual

The alarming rate of Covid-19 cases in Korea has caused BLACKPINK to delay their online concert.

On December 17, YG suddenly updated on BLACKPINK’s online concert – THE SHOW. The company was sorry to announce to fans that the 4 girls’ show had to be delayed due to the serious outbreak of Covid-19 in Korea.

According to the latest news, the online concert THE SHOW will be delayed until 2 PM (KST) on Jan 31, 2021. This means fans have to wait for over one more month till they can see BLACKPINK instead of Dec 27 as planned before. Besides the new poster for the updated show time, the YG’s girl group also posted a video to make up for their fans as well as to show appreciation to doctors and other medical workers on the frontline.

Online concert is rare occasion when fans can see BLACKPINK, so many are expressing their regret that they will have to wait longer as the show is put off. However, most fans agree with YG’s decision since the epidemic is getting more intense in Korea, and the safety of BLACKPINK and the staff must be at first priority.

Fans also praise YG on their investment in the poster just for announcing the delay of the show. The poster shows the 4 girls’ top visual and elegant and classy charisma.

BLACKPINK delays their online concert

Fans’ comments:

– The epidemic is so intense in Korea, hope BLACKPINK will be ok. YG made a right move this time. If something happened, the girls would have to stop for a while. What top visuals! Every girl looks so glamorous.

– Guys who bought membership early don’t need to worry; it’ll be renewed automatically. The Covid cases are rising so terribly, so the delay is absolutely reasonable.

– Does a concert poster need to be that beautiful?

– Delay due to Covid-19, that’s right! I don’t get it when there is offence to YG on Twitter.

– This is absolutely top charisma… Can’t wait until January 31.

– YG is so cautious. While other artists are still appearing on various shows at the end of the year, YG delays even an online concert.


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