BLACKPINK confirms the date of joining Weverse: What is the reaction of the BLINK fandom right now?

YG has officially confirmed that BLACKPINK will join HYBE’s Weverse platform.  Although the news was anticipated, the reaction was explosive.

At the beginning of 2021, YG Entertainment and Big Hit Entertainment (now changed to HYBE) confirmed a cooperation relationship in some business fields that surprised many people.  Many people said that they find this handshake extremely unbelievable when both companies are always placed in a ‘rival’ position.

However, fans also had to believe in this collaboration because they realized that artist HYBE’s album was recently distributed by YG PLUS, and in turn, YG artists appeared on the Weverse platform by HYBE.  After TREASURE and iKON appeared, it was finally BLACKPINK‘s turn – the news that made everyone expect and had the most explosive reaction.

Earlier on January 27, YG confirmed that it had completed the agreement to strengthen the strategic partnership with Big Hit.  Through this partnership, YG will expand the artist’s global reach and influence through Big Hit’s Weverse platform.  As for Big Hit, they will seek to expand Weverse’s global influence even further by putting YG Entertainment’s content on the platform.

Then, in turn, TREASURE appeared on Weverse on March 29 and followed by iKON on June 21.  At the time iKON joined.  many people predict the next artists will be BLACKPINK and WINNER.  The reason is that many fans have discovered that the Membership Vlive+ accounts of WINNER, iKON and BLACKPINK all simultaneously sent notices that will expire on June 25 and cannot be renewed any longer.

And finally, the news that many have been waiting for has arrived.  On April 17, YG confirmed that BLACKPINK will officially appear on Weverse on August 2.  According to the company, joining Weverse is expected to help BLACKPINK members and BLINK fandom connect with each other more closely and more smoothly.

In addition, YG said that this is also part of ‘4+1 PROJECT’ – a series of events in the project to celebrate BLACKPINK’s 5th debut anniversary.  The content of the special release team on this occasion will likely be published on the Weverse platform.

Although BLACKPINK’s joining Weverse was predictable, netizens still have had an explosive reaction.  Currently, this news is receiving attention not only from within the group’s fandom but also from other Kpop fans.  The reason is that Weverse is now a platform with the appearance of the most famous Kpop boy group and girl group nowadays, BTS and BLACKPINK.

Of course, there are also many BLACKPINK fans excited by this news.  However, many people have mixed reactions for many different reasons.  One of the most basic reasons is that the BLINK fandom is inherently unable to make peace with the fandoms from HYBE, especially BTS fans.  Therefore, using Weverse will make many people uncomfortable because there may be many fan wars happening.

However, this case also happened with SEVENTEEN’s fandom – CARAT.  They also did not like idols joining the Weverse platform and initially reacted extremely violently, even more harshly than BLACKPINK fans.  But in the end, things went well, and now the CARAT fandom is happily interacting with the SEVENTEEN members on Weverse.

Besides, many BLACKPINK fans are confused that they can’t really connect with the girls on Weverse.  We all know that one of the advantages of Weverse is that idols can interact with fans by posting and pictures, even replying to fan posts.  However, previously, BLACKPINK members rarely interacted with fans when they were still using Vlive, and mainly only used Instagram to update photos.

However, some think that things will change when the group switches to Weverse because it is basically a platform to interact with fans.  Other YG artists TREASURE as well as iKON are regularly connected with the fandom there, so fans can fully expect the interactions from Jennie, Jisoo, Rosé, and Lisa after they join Weverse.

Source: tinnhac

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