BLACKPINK and Red Velvet were the only two girl groups in this chart

List of idols that have the ranked #1 on iTunes Chart for the most times in 2018 has just been revealed.

iTunes is a mobile management application developed by Apple. Besides being one of major music charts in the country, iTunes also proves the popularity of Kpop idols around the world. In particular, these idols are those who ranked 1st on iTunes charts in the most countries. This chart applies for Korean albums as well as albums in foreign languages.

The highlight of this chart is that only BLACKPINK and Red Velvet were the only two female idols entered the chart. If BTS is the leader among male groups, BLACKPINK is the number one girl group. Square Up ranked No. 1 by topping iTunes charts in 52 countries. This shows that BLACKPINK has maintained their status, proving their level in the international music market.

BLACKPINK is the girl group that ranked #1 on iTunes Charts in the most countries

Only in the second half of 2018, Red Velvet has really sped up to get a place in the chart. That’s why the TWICE members had to step back before the powerful pull of Red Velvet with the album Summer Magic.

Red Velvet really had a break through

BTS continued to make fans proud while still topping the chart. Not only are BTS’ music is globally popular, but RM and Suga’s own songs have received a lot of attention from international fans. In addition, SUPER JUNIOR and SHINee have shown that their charms have not cooled down for years.

BTS still topped the chart

Not only sweeping the domestic music market, Kpop is getting more and more attention from international fans. With quality products, the Kpop music entertainment platform promises to achieve even more impressive results globally.

Sources: k14

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