BlackPink achieved success on Billboard thanks to the collaboration with Dua Lipa

The collaboration of BlackPink and Dua Lipa had appeared on the Billboard Hot 100 this week.

On the 30th, BlackPink and Dua Lipa’s “Kiss And Make Up” had appeared on the Billboard Hot 100 at 93rd place. This is the second time BlackPink has appeared on this chart. Before that, the four girls were in the Billboard Hot 100 at 55th place thanks to the hit “DDU-DU DDU-DU”. As such, BlackPink officially became the only Kpop girl group to make the appearance on the Billboard Hot 100 twice in a year.


“Kiss And Make Up” is a song from “Dua Lipa” (Complete Edition), with 25 songs which were released on October 19th. This is the song Dua Lipa composed before the release of her first album in 2016. The singer said that BlackPink is a group that is very suitable for the song. Not letting Dua Lipa disappointed, BlackPink have conquered the fans with their extremely sweet voices. It’s just a b-side song but “Kiss And Make Up” has achieved a lot of achievements, including the Billboard Hot 100.

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