“Black Swan” unable to get an All-Kill, BTS’ fans accused Zico of cheating on mugic charts

Many ARMYs even claimed that many fandoms which have badblood with BTS purposedly stream for Zico to to prevent ‘Black Swan’ from climbing to the top of the charts.

On January 17, BTS released the pre-release song “Black Swan”, paving the way for their comeback in February with the album “MAP OF THE SOUL: 7”. In preparation for the debut of “Black Swan”, the ARMY community had a very exciting streaming practice beforehand, bringing a series of old BTS songs upstream on the digital music charts in Korea.

However, despite these efforts of fans as well as the fact that “Black Swan” has achieved very good debut rankings, BTS’s new song still can not reach the All-kill achievement or hold the No. 1 position on all digital music charts in Korea just like what “Boy With Luv” did on the previous comeback of the Big Hit boygroup. The reason “Black Swan” misses its All-kill is because there is another song that constantly “gets in the way” of BTS ‘new song.

Zico’s “Any Song” – which was released on January 13, has been conquering digital music sites in Korea and became the first song to achieve Perfect All-kill in 2020. Nearly a week after its release but “Any Song” remained in the first place, and this made “Black Swan” unable to do as well as fans had expected.

For this reason, some BTS fans started to turn to accuse Zico of digital music cheating (sajaegi). On Twitter, many angry posts can be seen targeting the male singer, and most of them are from BTS’s fans who have been expecting “Black Swan” ‘s All-kill in the last few days.

Some even think that many other fandoms, who are not fond of BTS, volunteered to stream for Zico to prevent “Black Swan” from climbing to No. 1.

For Zico’s supporters, this situation makes them feel very uncomfortable because the singer is always one of the top names in the Korean music industry when it comes to digital achievement.

What do you think about this?

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