BLACK PINK’s royal aura in their newest smartphone advertisement

All 4 BLACK PINK members are gorgeous with their irresistible grace and royal aura in the newest photoshoot for a smartphone ad.

Recently, a smartphone brand released a new advertisement photo shoot for its latest model. The faces of this phone brand are no one else but BLACK PINK.

Appearing in the new advertisement, BLACK PINK is still as gorgeous as ever.

All 4 of them are graceful and undeniably sexy. Especially, their aura is complimented by many netizens. Without the need of a stage, just with an ad, BLACK PINK can already excite any fan or netizen.

BLACK PINK is the representatives for a smartphone brand.

While Jisoo attracts everyone thanks to her elegant, gentle and feminine beauty, Jennie is catching eyes with her coldness. Lisa isn’t any less outstanding with her blonde hair and her straight, tall nose. Rosé with her long hair is beautiful like a noble lady. BLACKPINK’s photoshoot for smartphone commercial is just as fabulous as magazine photoshoot.

Jisoo gives a powerful vibe like a CEO
Jennie with her signature royal princess vibe
Lisa’s “perfect visual”
Rosé is always graceful and feminine

The beauty of the members is getting more and more gorgeous and it is hard for anyone to resist these visuals. Many people admitted that they don’t even care about the new phone, they only pay attention to the beauty of the BLACKPINK’s members. After these photos are shared, there will probably be many people buying this phone.

Thanks to BLACKPINK, this new phone sure will sell like hotcakes.

Some comments from the netizens about the latest images of BLACKPINK:

“You are so beautiful, who can compare to you?”

“I was stunned, everyone is so gorgeous, I can’t stand it.”

“They take photos for an advertisement but I thought it was a photo shoot for some magazine, how can they be so pretty.”

“Everyone looks so cool, it is true that BLACK PINK fits all styles.”

“My girls are getting more and more beautiful.”

“If they are BLACK PINK, I’ll definitely buy the phone.”

“I didn’t even care about the product, I only see BLACK PINK.”

Since BLACKPINK’s debut, the netizens have always been impressed by the luxurious and charming style of BLACK PINK and even with advertising photos, the members still stand out thanks to their charisma and beauty. With BLACKPINK’s support, the new phone will quickly be sold out.

Source: Yan

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