BLACK PINK’s members support Jennie’s stage, showing that a dating news can’t damage their sisterhood

During Jennie’s “SOLO” performance, the 3 other girls of BLACK PINK showed their lovely support.

Recently, on Jan 5th, the Korean Grammy – the 33rd Golden Disk Awards at the Gocheok Sky Dome officially started with the appearance of the biggest idols right now such as TWICE, WANNA ONE, iKON, G-Friend,…Besides that, BLACK PINK was also noticed because this is the first time they appear after the dating news of member Jennie and Kai (EXO).

Without a connected performance like SBS Gayo Daejun, at this award show, “SOLO” of Jennie and “DDU-DU DDU-DU” of BLACK PINK was separated into two different parts of the show. Because of this, Jennie had to stand on the stage alone while the 3 other members of BLACK PINK sat at the celebrity seats supporting her.

Jennie with her energetic “SOLO” stage.

While focusing on Jennie’s performance, Jisoo, Lisa and Rosé turned into true fangirls by following the choreography. They were in sync and seemed to know the dance by heart, Jennie is lucky to have 3 sisters as dedicated as this.

Jennie just need to perform well, leave the supporting to us!

Since debut, BLACK PINK is famous as a group with both perfect appearance and talent. Moreover, the fact that they don’t have a leader along with the members’ same-same talent turns BLACK PINK into the most war-proned K-Pop fandom. Not a single day passed by without a civil war between BLACK PINK member’s fan-onlys.

Jisoo, Lisa and Rosé always support Jennie from the first day of her solo debut.
The girls have always been close.

The fact that Jennie is the most favoured member by the company makes many people doubt the relationship between BLACK PINK’s members. Many think that between a member who is favoured by the agency like Jennie and the less cared about members like Jisoo, Rosé, Lisa, there must be some kind of jealousy and hatred, unwanted or not.

Not to mention Jennie’s recent series of scandal regarding her attitude. The most recent one is her dating news with Kai which shocked the whole entertainment industry. People think that Jennie is selfish because all these scandals can directly affect the future of her group and even the other members. Because of these reasons, many are convinced that there’s a conflict between BLACK PINK’s members.

After a series of Jennie’s scandals, many start to believe in a conflict between BLACK PINK’s members.

However, behind the doubt and worry of fans, BLACK PINK is still close like ever before. Since the first day of Jennie’s solo debut, even after Jennie’s many controversies, the 3 girls ChuLiChaeng are still as supportive as ever.

BLACK PINK still love each other despite everything.

Somehow, the unknown rumor about BLACK PINK’s sisterhood keeps on appearing. But after these photos of ChuLiChaeng supporting Jennie was revealed, many starts to realize that the girls are still close.

What do you think about this adorable moment, share your idea with us!

Source: YAN

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