Black Pink’s Jennie and Yoo Jae Suk are joining new variety show

BLACKPINK Jennie will reportedly join Yoo Jae Suk’s new outdoor variety show ‘Really’

“Jennie will take part in a new 6-episode pilot program of SBS called ‘Really’ in November” said an entertainment insider on The Daily Sports on 21th.

Recently Jennie has appeared on ‘Running Man’ and showed her unexpected sense of entertainment, raising as a No.1 choice these days.

‘Really’ is just a pilot but is scheduled for 6 episodes. In an abandoned land where no one lives anymore, 8 entertainers will build the ultimate utopia. It’s a new-generation genre of entertainment creation through which we can see unexpected creativity and fierce survival ability of entertainers, solving problems about food, clothing and shelter, deciding the community village’s fate like job, age, taste and lifestyle. It will bring a new world that has never existed before and promise to make viewers satisfied with a deviation from reality.

The most beautiful in the world

The show will be filmed for the first time next month and will be broadcasted in November.

Sources: Naver

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