BlackPink’s fanboy stigmatized as he sang “DDU DU DDU DU” in public

Would you have the courage to sing your idol’s music in public places like this guy?

After a year of hiatus in the music scene, BLACKPINK has created a global trend with their comeback single “DDU DU DDU DU”. The song quickly became the most covered by many of K-POP fans around the world. Besides the excellent covers, “terrible” covers also make the audiences just want to laugh it out loud.

A fan of the Black Pink faced a barrage of criticisms for his singing and dancing in the “DDU DU DDU DU” song in many crowded public places. Due to his terrible singing voice, humorous facial expressions and the strange dance moves help him gaining attention from the people. Yet, most passersby expressed confusion toward his actions. Regardless of all, his enthusiasm for the covers made many people still busted out laughing.

Can’t stand for his funny dance moves and facial expressions.

Actually, this fanboy is a popular worldwide Youtuber, who makes funny videos about K-POP. His unexpected style of covering K-POP song is also a unique feature that makes him famous. Before “DDU DU DDU DU” covers, he also expressed his love for BTS – Fake Love. His sense of humor, creativity, and awkwardness helped him gain the love from the K-POP fans, who patiently looking forward to his next covers.

Because of his cover of BTS’s songs in public places, he is familiar with the A.R.M.Y fan.

Do you like the covered videos of this fanboy? Would you have the courage to express love for your idols in this interesting way?

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