BLACK PINK, TWICE’s reaction to Red Velvet’s stage at the GMA 2019: Some were shy, some partied hard

Watching the hid medley of Red Velvet last year, members of 2 of the 3 best girlgroups right now showed their true selves.

On Jan 24th, the 8th Gaon Chart Music Awards (GMA) happened in Korea. This is the awards event of Gaon – a music chart which is as trustworthy as the U.S Billboard or Japan Oricon Chart. This year welcomed the appearance of many top stars like TWICE, BLACK PINK, Red Velvet, SEVENTEEN, Stray Kids, The Boyz,…

After the GMA 2019, Red Velvet received the “Artist of The Year (Digital)” for the hit “Power Up” released in August last year. At the event, the SM girlgroup put on white outfits and performed two songs “With You” and “Power Up” from their mini album “Summer Magic”.

“With You” + “Power Up” – Red Velvet [“GMA 2019” 23/1]

Reacting to this performance, there were 2 totally different reactions. BLACK PINK was smiling wide and clapping when “Power Up” was on. Rosé was a bit shy and only followed when her 3 members started doing the dance. During that, Jisoo was proudly singing along with Red Velvet while Lisa and Jennie bopping their head to the music.

Rosé was shy and only followed her members after they started doing the dance.
BLACK PINK’s reaction to Red Velvet’s performance at the GMA 2019

Totally different from BLACK PINK, TWICE revealed their true selves as hardcore fangirls of Red Velvet. When the summer hit of the girls from SM started playing, TWICE raised their hands and partied hard. Especially, Nayeon even hold up her water bottle to root for Red Velvet.

TWICE was so hyped up during Red Velvet’s performance
TWICE’s reaction to Red Velvet’s stage at the GMA 2019

Thanks to these videos, K-Pop fans can realize that even though TWICE, BLACK PINK and Red Velvet are the 3 best girlgroup in the industry right now, they still support each other off the stage. Through this experience, fandoms are hoping for a peaceful relationship between each other to create a better image.

Sources: k14

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