Black Pink – ITZY are the biggest regret at MAMA 2020

The absence of two famous female groups at MAMA made viewers regret not being able to see their attractive performances.

MAMA 2020 ended with BTS winning 4 Daesang awards with magnificent performances even though the artists had to perform without the audience due to Covid-19.  However, Korean netizens believe that this year’s MAMA is “incomplete” because of the absence of two popular groups, Black Pink and ITZY.  If they join, they will deliver attractive performances, creating extremely good media effects.

Even though Black Pink did not participate, she still received 3 awards, including “Top 10 Worldwide Fan’s Choice”, “Best Dance Performance Female Group” and “Best Female Group”, breaking the rule of “not attending, no award”.  At the APAN and MMA awards ceremonies, the YG girl group did not have any awards despite their outstanding achievements in 2020. Fans believe that Black Pink has received deserving awards at MAMA.

Blackpink Itzy MAMA 2020
Blackpink Itzy MAMA 2020

The fact that Black Pink did not attend MAMA made many people regret that the 4 members did not appear at the awards ceremony for a long time.  The most regrettable thing is that the group did not have a special stage.  With a series of hits like How You Like That, Ice Cream, Lovesick Girls, fans had expected an explosive performance with their luxurious outfits like a fashion event, showing off the top charisma of the 4 members.  However, fans are still somewhat comforted when Black Pink announced to hold the online concert The Show in December.

Blackpink Itzy MAMA 2020

Another group that also makes many people regret when not attending MAMA is ITZY.  The JYP girl group is considered one of the girl groups with the best dancing ability nowadays.  The fact that ITZY was not invited makes many people confusing because, in 2020, the group has achieved many achievements with the songs Wannabe, Not Shy.  Shin Ryu Jin’s choreography in Wannabe used to create a trend on TikTok but did not have the opportunity to perform on the MAMA stage.

Blackpink Itzy MAMA 2020

Korean netizens commented: “I have been waiting for Shin Ryu Jin’s shoulder choreography. ITZY did a great job”, “Wannabe was that hit, but they can’t go”, “I want to see ITZY”,” Ryu Jin’s choreography is so trending “,” The award ceremony is like sharing a cake, JYP already has 3 other groups so ITZY can’t go “,” ITZY did even better than the male group in the same company “,” Their digital achievements and YouTube views are all good. They are among the top 10 Kpop groups on Spotify “…

Most viewers agree that MAMA, this year, paid too much attention to male groups while ignoring excellent female artists. Therefore, many famous female idols/groups did not attend (or have the opportunity to attend) at MAMA 2020.


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