BLACK PINK→IZ*ONE→ITZY…What gave them the name of “monster rookies” of K-Pop?

Every super rookie who is focused on will indeed become top celebrities in the future. What criteria gave these new groups the title of “monster rookie”?

To be able to receive this title, the conditions and criteria are not easy. Let’s take a close look into the groups that have had impressive fame ever since their debut era.

First, music broadcasting & music chart achievement

These days, it is not easy for new songs to get into major music charts. This is because the top and middle ranks are mostly dominated by singers with strong fan bases and OST from dramas that are constantly loved by the public. Even idol groups with a certain level of awareness are aiming to make it to the top 100.

In the meantime, if their debut album reaches the top of the charts, they have perfectly met a condition to become the next super rookie. BLACK PINK, WANNA ONE and ITZY won the title of “Rookies of the generation” as they reached the top of the charts at once with their debut album.

Also, if the chart ranking is good, it is easy to take the top spot in music broadcasting which uses digital ranking as one of their criteria. Due to this, new records of being the fastest to receive a cup on weekly music broadcast is also set to. This makes them different from other normal groups who need 2~3 years after their debut to be able to win weekly music broadcasts.

Recently, girlgroup ITZY was the first to win the top spot on Mnet’s ‘Mcountdown’ 9 days after the debut album release, and #1 place on terrestrial music broadcasting 11 days after their debut. This was the shortest time among K-pop girl groups to rank first in a terrestrial music broadcast.

Second, the number of views on music videos.

The figure that is constantly receiving attention as much as the chart ranking is the number of music video hits.

While the average number of music videos for idol groups range from hundreds thousand to million views, “monsters rookies” start with 10 million views for their debut MV.

BLACK PINK has recorded more than 100 million views eight months after their debut, and ITZY’s debut song “Dalla Dalla” music video, which was released on February 11, surpassed 14 million views in 24 hours, setting a new record among K-pop debut groups.

Third, album sales.

It is one of the important figures that can show a singer’s marketability.

Although there are some double and triple million sellers among all the million sellers, most of the idol group’s album sales are only about tens of thousands.

Therefore, if a team is able to join the top 10 list of first-week physical sales (the first week of sales since the launch), they deserve to be called a “monster.”

IZ*ONE’s debut album “Colorize” sold 192,738 copies, breaking the record of girlgroup’s debut album. WANNA ONE’s debut album also garnered attention by selling more than 500,000 copies of its pre-orders, which is impressive even when comparing to the record of other senior K-pop stars.

Fourth. Overseas reaction.

As the K-pop market grows, it is the reaction of the overseas market that has become as important as the domestic market The “monster rookies” will also draw keen attention from overseas fans and the media.

TXT, who started its debut promotion not long ago, is a major example. With BTS gaining international popularity, the world’s attention has been focused on the younger group of their same company, TXT.

Thanks to this, the video clip of the first member, Yeon-joon, has surpassed the 1 million mark in just three hours and was even spotlighted on the U.S. Billboard. In addition, most of the teams previously called “monster rookies” are also enjoying international popularity early on, recording outstanding performances on overseas charts.

Fifth. Paid performance scale.

It is the size of a paid performance that will perfectly prove the true popularity of the “monster rookies” are not just bubbles. Unlike an album where one person can purchase hundreds of albums, the size of a fandom is relatively accurate.

The smallest scale which is about 1,000 seats in the Olympic Hall to the bigger ones which are about 22,000 seats like the Gocheok Dome. As the number of viewers who can fill a single show night becomes a measure of the group’s popularity, the “monster rookies” boast remarkable ability to pull in audiences.

Earlier, iKON held their debut concert at the Olympic Gymnastics Stadium, which was the largest indoor concert venue in Korea at the time. After that, WANNA ONE’s debut showcase at the Gocheok Dome also attracted attention.

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